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Hope Carried Me Through
After 2 miscarriages in 2nd trimester and a hormonal whirlwind storm that led to many discouraging symptoms affecting my heart, my metabolism, my menstrual cycles, and my mental and physical energy, I was distraught. I am a certified health coach with a masters degree in exercise physiology, and I KNOW health...but through all my good efforts, I couldn't stop the health storm I was in. It seems I could only slow it down by eating organic, using herbs, and removing the toxic load in my life. After 3 weeks on Reliv core nutrition, my energy "switched" back on, and that was the beginning of so much more vibrance that was able to return to not just my body but also to my mental performance & clarity! I was able to recover from workouts sooner and get back to cardiovascular exericise, which I had to quite during my health storm since I could not breathe through it or keep my blood sugar stable. I have watched my hormonal symptoms dissipate and my menstrual cycles return toward normal. And lastly, I am experiencing the best digestive health I've had in 14 years, which is such a life-changer each day. Reliv nutrition truly allows our bodies to regenerate healthy cells, and I am evidence of that!!